about fused glass

fused glass is formed by joining together sheets of glass at a high temperature, creating beautiful textured layers. glass fusing was the main method of creating glass pieces for 2000 years before the development of the glass blowpipe and has been dated back to the Romans. there are two types of glass fusing; a full fuse is fired at a high temperature (usually around 700-800 degrees) whereas in a tack fuse the glass is fired at a much lower temperature which retains the individual shapes of the glass whilst still sticking the layers together. 

how I make my work

my framed cubes are based on the pinpoint of a view and they are the first line i ever created. I enjoy the process of taking a moment in time and reproducing it in glass, adding texture and depth to create an abstract but representative image of my favourite places. they are created by taking two layers of coloured glass and sandwiching them between layers of clear glass, the colours are built up in order to add depth and bubbles are formed when the glass is fused, creating a sense of vitality and adding a sparkle.